Can RO Reverse Osmosis Equipment Treat PVC Mother Liquor Wastewater?

Nov. 04, 2021

At present, the commonly used mother liquor wastewater treatment methods include coagulation sedimentation method, biological method, etc. However, when the mother liquor wastewater is treated by the above methods, there are problems such as low treatment efficiency of soluble COD, long treatment time, and high treatment cost. Adopt RO reverse osmosis equipment for advanced treatment of centrifugal PVC mother liquor wastewater. The pretreated wastewater enters the ultrafiltration treatment to remove impurities such as PVC and initiators. The ultrafiltration permeate enters the RO reverse osmosis equipment to further remove impurities such as salt and organic matter. Produced water can be used as feed water and make-up water for the previous process.

Commercial RO Membrane

Commercial RO Membrane

The advanced treatment of centrifugal PVC mother liquor wastewater with RO reverse osmosis equipment is a purely physical normal temperature operation process with no chemical reaction and low energy consumption. Design an online regeneration cleaning and sewage device to reduce labor intensity and production costs, and improve production efficiency. The RO reverse osmosis equipment has a good treatment effect, and there is no difference in quality between the PVC resin produced by treating the mother liquor and the PVC resin produced by freshly demineralized water. Commercial RO Membrane has a large filling area and a small system footprint, which is convenient for technical transformation, expansion or new projects, and reduces production costs and investment.

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