Is There a Peculiar Smell in the Effluent of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane System?

Oct. 22, 2021

As a water supply system, the reverse osmosis membrane system can guarantee the water quality of our country and is widely used in the production of food, medicine and industrial products. In the application of reverse osmosis membrane, many users will complain that the water quality has peculiar smell. Is it caused by the unqualified material of the reverse osmosis membrane system? Or is there a maintenance problem? So why does the effluent of the reverse osmosis membrane system have a peculiar smell? Don't panic, let me tell you the solution.

OR System Industrial Water Treatment

OR System Industrial Water Treatment

1. From raw water. The raw water smells of earth. It is recommended to add an activated carbon filter before the reverse osmosis membrane system. If there is an activated carbon filter, please replace the high-quality activated carbon filter material (required to use the original shell activated carbon at a lower level). The other is to disinfect the raw water, such as adding sodium hypochlorite (pay attention to the protection of the reverse osmosis membrane, if there is no activated carbon filter, you need to add a reducing agent).

2. Pollution of pretreatment equipment. When the raw water has a high mud content, if the backwashing is not thorough, there will be mud in the system, and the membrane element will have peculiar smell after long-term operation. It is recommended to clean and replace the filter material, such as filter material, filter cleaning, flushing pipe, etc.

3. Pollution of reverse osmosis membrane system. If the reverse osmosis membrane element is used for a long time, it will produce a turbid odor. Please strengthen alkaline washing (preferably raise the temperature to about 30°C) and disinfect with disinfectant. Particularly serious replacement of membrane elements, thorough scrubbing and flushing of pressure vessels. Our company also has OR System Industrial Water Treatment on sale, welcome to contact us.

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